Logic follows    everyone

fallen    [not an anchor] yesterday


lifted   empty turrets

stone home                 seeing the breath

dreaming the luncheon

pulled from dizzy


A [re]presentation that would not be understood

applauded, hollow.




The smallest pieces carry the formula

I am hungry, he is lost

what I thought has no perpendicular

hinge  to hang out those fabrics

that need to be cleansed

they are just color.




The one gone looking for the open field



by a sentence that would not end

explain, offer rules, parallel

equations of tiny-hoop consolation

to predict, conspire, deepen.


What could not be said      at the same time

The way it happened

erased the forest

threw away the riffraff

shying away

falling fast[er] [after].



The arched-back

horror       shape

of an hour

of     dread





Then slows

opens s[wal]lows

then to beg[in]



That music didn’t go anywhere

that hour didn’t begin


Everyone told to forget the execution

of the one who could not remember

the fields without

moving trees.




The tests show

the sickness


why you haven’t measured [up] properly


ripped on too-high speed

un-       like                  imagined

the center of the spine



insect that cannot

roll over


A blank screen


blanket of worn-out [to]ys.




The chaos        underneath

invented, superimposed, extracted,

hung up   bracelet of  murky stream


multiple choice

unwritten        when

that waking

across the street

a handmade ripped pinwheel.




The library books piled on the floor

mathematical      induction


do not open the equation

be prepared to jump in           [the mass grave]

the remnants collapse

into abstract


a map of essences

[not a chore].




Violins in the wall[s]


conspire[d] long


the horizon

of fatigue


circles on the floor

broken    motif[-idea]s.





The keeping on        reinvented


the tools    needing to be re-conceptualized

into new tools


the building lying



for dwelling     yet flying


a construction that moves

that hillside tide of __________ [gratitude]




The stairs led to strange plateaus


In each corner of the maze

I read of your affliction

at some sure corridor

point    weigh station

how buoyant    the bones.


The latch rusted and creeking

smashing the teeth repeated

[suffering] seeping through

punched-out holes

gashed shoulders

shadows [of ] being  just [dust-light].


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