DIRGE IX, erasure of triangles; angel dust, angling, achilles heel

The violins, piccolos, and violas converse intensely before the oboe interrupts—

flat-lines the tempo, mood shift.

The way a plane abandons sound.


The brass on hold; extraterrestrial high-pitched chanting.

Some sounds affect the crowd.

Some want to awkwardly crawl home.


Plato misspoke.

Wittgenstein misplaced his trousers.

Derrida butters his toast.


Pythagoras had an aversion to beans.

Euclid went mad.

Woolf vanished inside a sentence.


Jilted Sappho gifted her poetry to the ocean for fragment-stone.

Prufrock rolled up his trousers to heal self-inflicted scars.

Stein’s little dog went blind but still knew her.


Penelope finished her shroud for Odysseus, allowing the most handsome suitor to take down her silver hair.

Odysseus clung to Argos, believing he was a god.

Atlas said Enough.


The sun lost her fingers.

Mars no longer longed to be red.

Pluto’s father told him life isn’t fair.


Everyone was playing nice with their hands buried in dirt.

Pretending not to be bored.

Pretending the orchestra caged their suffering.


Canto jounces apple tree branches for fun.

Albee admits he is the one afraid.

Beckett ups the ante.


We’re watching you bandage your Achilles’ heel for tonight’s unraveling.


Ophelia’s long, copper hair flowing under daisies in a photograph.


Those aren’t the right clothes for a curbside funeral, but red suits you.


When the joker hit the keel, the captain sank too many packed in fishing for better chapters.


Some souvenirs aren’t recyclable because chaos reifies us on repeat.


Intentions can’t move triangles because triangles can’t move beliefs; curl methodology.


When you solve the enigma, it ceases to exist.


While we skirted the grid, the puppeteer cut all strings.

Master, why did you do this to me?


So you would dream.

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2 Responses to DIRGE IX, erasure of triangles; angel dust, angling, achilles heel

  1. Peter says:

    Christ, you are phenomenal.

    • Krysia Jopek says:

      So humbled and gracious.

      Thank you for always reading and commenting on my new writing.

      All my best wishes and all that is good to you and yours.

      I’m so jealous that your new home is by the sea! I need to make the time after DIRGE id finalized to journey to RI–to be with the waves, sky, and sand.

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