Further Studies in Existentialism /2

  1. I set the table, but no one joined me for the ultimate conversation.
  2. Fools lie under the night sky without blankets waiting for answers.
  3. If you fail to love anything (such as the sky and river-light), you may disappear.
  4. Nothing is something to fill.
  5. I excommunicated myself from magical thinking or was that my feelings?
  6. Emotions are often a bi-product, however.
  7. I saw you when you had the epiphany: you are playing chess with just yourself.
  8. How does one explain one’s illness to another?
  9. Sometimes we swim through excrement, which a percentage of the time, must be owned.
  10. I burned down so many bridges, I became an island.
  11. The legacy will not be the resume-report card-bank account-wardrobe—just some papers with ink, notes, color—fragile as ourselves.
  12. The royal purple Japanese peony tree just might bloom this year.
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