Further Studies in Existentialism /4

  1. The refrain of rain returns the gutter-staccato. The birds will be happy with tomorrow’s easier worm-catch, especially the baby red-heads, cardinals perhaps, still on a learning curve.


  1. Weeds will pull out more easily with the proper determination, stamina, and garden tools. Don’t be overwhelmed. The neighbors do not know.


  1. Some nights sets of thoughts will tangle and avalanche. Years can do that, too. The musical score stops, and it will be too quiet without the rain—just the heightened confusion of what to throw away.


  1. The tests mandated hit the core of exposure.


  1. There should be a spiritual car wash, an MRI. Chronic depression and/or anxiety can be deadly. Stay awake and/or breathe. The city of “this” has everything you need, tell yourself.


  1. Identity can seem definitive. Too many days or months running or receding in the wrong direction without sight of some better trajectory. Have some ice cream. There is always TV. Forgive the mirror, your labyrinth, the psychological plan crash.


  1. What sign are you? Tell me everything, but you don’t say a word.


  1. A “we” can often be a mask of two different eyes. A baby was just born without any.


  1. Not everyone has the same playing field.


  1. I am learning to hold the dealt cards closer to my breastbone and refrain from safety-pinning emotions on the sleeves through the skin.


  1. Tomorrow I will wake up happier.


  1. New shoes may help, but don’t forget to pay the IRS before interest accrues.
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