Further Studies in Existentialism /1

  1. Maybe if I could write a poem, the day wouldn’t seem so meaningless; the rain wouldn’t give back so many unwanted memories.
  2. I gave someone a city. He built a golden wall around it and didn’t offer a key.
  3. My father appeared in a dream in my oversleep and told me he wanted to jump. I offered him a vacation in the next dream, but he couldn’t climb the stairs.
  4. Maybe if I had made different choices, I wouldn’t be in this predicament. The dog would be walked more and there would be more friends, better endings to stanzas.
  5. This is a turning point—only if I turn.
  6. The sickness doesn’t go away. Animals will hide until they die.
  7. No one likes a sad ending or to hear the same thing over and over.
  8. There are keys to other cities one can build or find. Beautiful cities called “if” and “only,” “this” and “that.”
  9. Someone sang me a song in a voice clip, and I felt visible despite the rain and metaphorical homelessness.
  10. The rain kept washing everything away except the dreams of my father and the cities I gave away.
  11. Tomorrow I will be braver.
  12. Tomorrow I will not feel sorry for myself.


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