i•Phone *möbius strip* {hybrID.(b*oo*k)}: in*tro



<.<.<i•phone möbius strip // intro>.>.>.>>>>>>




writing• IS like | REAL-ly

<<<hard•W/OR/K!— ¥of<ten //

[m]or<e—  di•IF|F/i-CULT—

V/S• eas•I•ER— — like—. 4 n/ow



e[n]-sn<<are>>(d)—                 by:  A co•loss}al

[b]all -of- // ole-ag- [i] n/o

– US—

F // ray //-i[n]g— ya/(rn)


— — to[o] -ma/{n}.y—


[m]e/t-ER/s ++2++

[me] // as U/®{E}


— — fo[u]/{r}—YOu // PRO{p}—


— —

it/yo•u  >.>.>.>.>

{t}RIPs me UP!!!

— —

m-e|a-n = I {n}<g.— —

{e}very.>.>.> [t]-I/me—

i • $$AB|ob*sess-IV-

{l}y— {co}m-pu|ls//Iʼv€

[ly]— R*ACE•d  //my

// shAB{by}



HA + R D // — W•O•O•

D /// >>>Liv]*i//{n}g

**ro•OM**—FLO•or— —

*a* // flo:OR a&bove

*.  *.  *.  *.

[t]HE m{is}s•IN{g}— —

g<;<:HO|ST•s   —- —- —-




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2 Responses to i•Phone *möbius strip* {hybrID.(b*oo*k)}: in*tro

  1. Heath Brougher says:

    Wow! It’s almost uncanny how similar it is to the poems I’ve been putting together for a book tentatively titled “Expect to Explode.” If you want to see better quality versions of my type of these poems look at issue 7 of Angry Old Man or Outlaw Poetry. Think I had some good ones published there if you want to get s better idea.

    • Krysia Jopek says:

      thank you for reading my new hybrid work–and for your comment!
      yes, sheikha a realized we were kindred spirits when she saw this iPhone poem.
      would love to see the poems referenced–i’ll google for a link tomorrow–
      time to sleep!! where the f did the weekend go? i’m happy though–i spent most
      of saturday on my own writing! can’t wait for your diaphanous micro issue!

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