Maps and Shadows mentioned in The Hartford Courant 12/22/2011

Maps and Shadows was mentioned in the Lifestyle and Entertainment section of the Hartford Courant on Dec. 22. Click here for the full article with a listing of local authors and their books. From Carole Goldberg…

People who seek out foods grown or prepared locally have been dubbed “locavores.” I am coining a new word from my dimly remembered high-school Latin: “Localectors” — those who like to read books by local authors. Here is a sampling of recent books by authors who live here now, or once did. …

Krysia Jopek: This poet from Windsor published her first novel, “Maps and Shadows” (Aquila Polonica, S14.95), based on her family being deported during WWII from Poland to Siberia and then making their way to Persia, Africa and the United States.

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