.persian square dancing..

[4 dancers, antigone, dora, pluto, wind]

.let’s blow this place open..

.let’s sharpen all our charcoal pencils..

.love isn’t your tattoo..

.one of us said, the alphabet soup is getting cold..

.no one here speaks persian..

.the day has gone lazy while finding itself..

.were you able to memorize all your medical notes?.

.a motif fell out while you were coughing..

the kamancheh won’t share the constricting stage built for broken-hearted musicians..

.percussion has walked out..

.tell the children the lunch money absconded with dollhouses..

.explain to the media that an occupation is a war..

.yes, we’ve been here before—licking incisions with dollhouse sandpaper..

.our tragic hero completes the requisite paperwork in triplicate—

a triptych of despair’s paintbrushes..

.let’s call it, still life aliens..

.let’s call it, ancient abstract expressionism..

.why do you keep smelling when you know it all smells bad?.

.we’ll send a letter to your last known address if anything changes..

.in the meantime, reprogram the remote for your new kidney..

.in the meantime, ask the ghosts of the house to come back.

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2 Responses to .persian square dancing..

  1. Prato Deleto says:

    9. Can we
    a. be objective while keeping subjective?
    No, that’s just stupidity enshrined in language.
    b. have a thought without an opinion?
    Yes, have both.
    c. listen to an assertion without instant judgment?
    d. think beyond what we believe?
    What’s the difference when we only believe what we think?
    e. have a friend who is more than convenient?
    Change your identity for money and see.
    f. accept the contradictions in our conclusions?
    On the contrary, our conclusions are our contradictions.
    g. acknowledge another may be more than we estimate without insecurity?
    Don’t cut in line or your dust will blow up.
    h. act freely when committed to determination?
    Guns and bombs, HURRY!
    i. accept disappointment without becoming jaded?
    Fuck them.
    j. conceive the conditional aspect of everything; that nothing real is for certain?
    Before or after the rooster crows twice?
    k. truly know someone and not love them?
    Assholes can.
    l. accept love from someone without empathy with them?
    Yes, as much as possible.
    m. feel an idea with the mind?
    n. will the world we only imagine?
    Only when on lunch.

    You will be famous. I’m proud to know you.

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