I opened the metaphysical with a can opener.

[The puzzle, magical.]

I don’t want to spoil.

[Delay denied the last dandelions.]

I wrote 87 emails but couldn’t hit SEND.

[Events took place in brackets.]

I felt your face with feathers.

[You are stranger than before.]

Gravity shifts the jaw line.

[The afterlife smells like ghosts.]

Hands pry the mouth.

[We atrophy fatigued metaphors.]

Rumors perforate.

[Burdens design their own pain.]

There were kinetic misunderstandings.

[Twenty seven lighters are ready to go.]

War explains daylight.

[It is your right not to watch.]

Google, an odd life coach.

[Time passes.]

The sculpture breaks my dreams.

[Leading a camel to water doesn’t make you noble.]

I mean everything I don’t remember.

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  1. Well written. Glad I had a chance to see this this morning. Hope to see more from you soon!

  2. Steven Leek says:

    Short punch declarative sentences, each one containing a notion, some challenging. You are blessed with much versatility.

  3. Thom Foster says:

    Good to see the mojo in this one.

  4. Jt Smith says:

    The title alone is worth the price of mass deduction.

    The writing itself is very elegant and fanciful.

    i am curious on what influenced your fresh perspective of the afterlife.

    Thanks for this soulless journey. I look forward to more erudite statements.

    • Krysia Jopek says:

      Thank you so much for your unexpected comment. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to reply. I’ve been physically under the weather courtesy of lupus, but I’m starting to emerge from the brain fog. The heat here in CT hasn’t helped.

      The title was pulled from where it appears in the poem in case you’re wondering. I often have a difficult time titling new poems, but this line was the most powerful line to emerge somehow while writing the poem, the poem writing itself through me–the process/dance between the poem, poet, perceptions and processing of the world/experience, knowledge,philosophy, memories, emotion (all of these in the best possible world of the poem).

      I’ll have to answer the third line of your comment over the next few days. My mental faculties are stil strained a bit. Staying up way too early this morning writing a new poem FINALLY hasn’t helped with some cerebral exhaustion, so I’ve been in gardening mode, hanging out with my dog and cat, doing mindless things, being mindful.

      Thank you again for stopping by my website, reading my new creative work, and for you lovely comment that really cheered me, made me feel good as a poet writing poems that reach readers successfully on multiple planes. More soon here on the afterlive and taking the soul out of the equation. I usually don’t talk about specific poems, but your pointed curiosity has me changing my typical reticence! Thank you for that, also–for a triangular dialogue between reader and poem (and poem). Best wishes to you, Krysia

  5. Terse. Tight. Powerful. Laconic, Ionian [Beautiful}: Music.

    • Krysia Jopek says:

      Thank you so much for the read and the awesome comment. I greatly appreciate both.

      I hope you’re writing and doing well. Our brutal, dangrous heatwave is supposed to end with a severe thunderstorm in a few hours, leaving a nice, cool holiday weekend in its wake. Happy 4th! and my best wishes to you and Mary, Krysia

  6. Certainly So says:

    Yes, this is the poet I remember, the verse-craft I recall, in the time that once stood still. So much is said in brevity without waste. This poem is ideal. Thank you, moreover, and best 4th to you and yours, as well.

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