You came here

  1. a) to discover yourself
  2. b) because you are restless
  3. c) bored
  4. d) okay with how things have turned out
  5. e) it’s inevitable.

You are moving various objects and pieces of furniture about the House because you are

  1. a) confused
  2. b) trying to stay busy
  3. c) creating / forging order
  4. d) all—or
  5. e) none of the above.

Someone else is / is not [circle one] necessary to solve the hurt puzzle spinning inside the headache you live inside, the rooms that take you again—while you believe

  1. a) in self-punishment
  2. b) purgation of the hardest kind
  3. c) plagiarism
  4. d) partner in crime of gut laughter splitting all the edges blind
  5. e) the talk of love of strangers.

This someone else will / may hurt you with words of the past and the future. But unfolding. Now. In real time. Like music.

Can you be saved

  1. a) now?
  2. b) in the crowd of sleeping?
  3. c) wow
  4. d) alone
  5. e) how?

And what will you tell the others?

  1. a) I was restless, bored
  2. b) it was the best I could do [in time]
  3. c) I didn’t know
  4. d) we talk stranger
  5. e) I am here [now]

Did you

  1. a) fall asleep?
  2. b) forget me / your prescriptions? [circle one only please]
  3. c) scrape across the ice of winter, subsequently bruise both knees?
  4. d) dive back down into what you deem ecstasy?

Are you out there [under the dented moon somewhere] creeping? Your silence a second guess laugh at nothing.


[published in an earlier version in Crisis Chronicles online litmag, 2013]


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