Maps & Shadows

maps-and-shadows-book-coverThis stunning debut novel from poet Krysia Jopek takes a fresh stylistic approach to storytelling, fusing a minimalist narrative with lush lyricism.

Jopek draws on a little known chapter of World War II—the Soviet deportations of 1.5 million innocent Polish civilians to forced labor camps in Siberia shortly after the Soviets occupied eastern Poland at the beginning of the war. Beautifully written, lyrical and poetic, Maps and Shadows explores the impacts of this shattering experience on the family from four points of view.

Slowly the threads are woven together—the father’s secret shame at not being able to protect his family; the son’s need to grow up quickly; the daughter’s descent into nightmares, seeking comfort in broken bits of poetry consigned to scraps torn from a precious salvaged dictionary; the mother’s instant aging, her hidden fears and worry.

World War II was perhaps the most transformative event of the twentieth century. Maps and Shadows illuminates a lost piece of this history, while addressing themes of displacement, loss, resilience and, ultimately, new beginnings in a new land—experiences familiar to a vast number of contemporary readers.

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8 Responses to Maps & Shadows

  1. Keith Mullinar says:

    Will you be at Monday’s meeting outside your mother’s house?
    (Meg distributed flyer.


    (Reading Maps and Shadows. Stunning.)

    • Krysia Jopek says:

      Hi, Keith! I’m submitting the gardening proposal to Linda tomorrow to distribute to the Association Board. I’ll tell my mom this weekend that I decided to pitch the proposal. I won’t be attending the meeting, however.

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying reading Maps and Shadows! We’ll have to meet soon to talk writing, books, etc.!

      • Keith Mullinar says:

        That would be lovely.
        How should I contact you?

        • Krysia Jopek says:

          Hi Keith,
          I’m sorry for the late reply! It’s been a bit hectic on this end lately, but all is good. Please feel free to call me per my Mom sharing my contact info. Looking forward to talking books, writing, politics. I’m sick over what is going on right now in Afghanistan and with our shabby government’s lame response thus far.
          Best wishes, Krysia

  2. Keith Mullinar says:

    (Reading Maps and Shadows. Stunning.)

  3. dee says:

    Was this not written of Helens life? The girl in the story, was this not Helen?

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