A:   I Don’t Understand What you are Trying to Prove.

Z:   That I have – Nothing – to Prove.


A:   This Path is a Shadow.

Z:   Yes, This I know.


A:   Do not Follow the Other(s). Let x Come.

Z:   Yes, Right Angles, Perpendicular, Vertical Angels. We

are to be Adored.


A:   I am Waiting for the Path of X to my Frozen Window.

The Equipage Shadows Startle Me.


Z:   Yes, for it is Winter & your Bones are Colder

than Cold. I know This & many Other

Subjective Facts about You.


Z:    You Spill the Air. Your nerves aswim that sage sea,

They Spill You / Everything.


A:   Until I am Nothing. The canvas consciousness

A map to tomorrow next month next year

Confused as to where what I have become

Nothing again. My love.


Z:   Those pills for sleep, I am Sorry to Say

Made you different. Sometimes You Are

More Here. Others Further Away.

Your odd Marble eyes Liquid then Stone.

I only Recognize Fractions.


A:   They made me itch, sweat, fatten, lie

About Happiness. Yes, I am Fractional,

Darling. My Mobius equation will Sing

Atonal Cacophony. I am Bleeding

Like You. Like Everyone Else. Take my Cello

& fix the wingfray of my Nerves. Stay with Me

Without Dream. I know. It is not Fair of me

to Ask.



A:   I am Watching You as a Boy hiding in your fort

under the dining room table at your grandparents

Watching Everything.  Yes, it is a type of Time

Travel.  You, my Boy of Twilight Swans. Even



Z:    I cannot Speak. My Words are Stuck

In a Gold Painting where a Beautiful Woman

Weeps Golden Tears.

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