.ii. | .persian duet. [from FLESH: performance art for 13 dancers]

[2 dancers: dora & pluto]

.tell the blue birds and catbird that food assistance won’t compensate a new apple tree..

(.it wasn’t your fault..)

.the white and pink butterfly bushes and heliotrope—

for the swallowtails and monarchs..

.maybe: leave your wallet in the dirty public bathroom..

.someone will identity-theft you—

and your credit might resurrect..

(.who knows?.)

.no one asks anything of me, she said.

.either love—or don’t love., he instructed.

.it’s easier that way?, she asked..

.he twirled her like a classical ballerina on her bare toes..

.you should learn to ask for something worthwhile,

for the ash to be cleared from your lung,

the spinal fluid to cleanse itself and the brain—

the garbage to pay for itself..

.let’s play HATCH..

.not catch..

.let’s blow this place wide open..

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